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Need a platform to send emails?

MailMyCustomer automates emails to your customers without coding. Send automatic emails to onboard, notify payment failure or end of the trial period and much more.

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Emails bring sales, grow your brand. Get yourself a platform for emails NOW!

98.4% of consumers check their email daily. Use that to your advantage. MailMyCustomer helps you reach your customer or subscriber's inbox every time with its easy to use dashboard & APIs.

One service for all your emailing needs!!

Automated Emails to your Customers

You don't have to write code to send emails to your customers whenever they perform an action. MailMyCustomer does all the heavy lifting for you. Create a template for a product - plan - event combination and sit back. It is that simple!

Drag & Drop Email Builder

Forget plain text emails. Increase your email engagement rate by creating beautiful emails that look good on all devices with our email builder.

Flexible APIs

Personalized emails stand out! MailMyCustomer supports variables in your email templates. Send emails or Add subscribers to your mailing list just by calling an API.

POST /sendEmail/36
Authorization: Bearer e1349128b54ba68a802zb2e779h1i
Content-Type: application/json
  "email": "",
  "variables": {
    "name": "Ganapathy",
    "country": "India"

Manage Subscribers

All of your subscribers at one place! Use our API or upload CSV to add more emails to the list. Send emails to all of them with a click of a button.


Email Tracking

Sending emails is just not enough. Ability to track the open rate, clicks on the emails will give you a chance to change things for better engagement & conversions.

Frequently Asked Questions
How emails are sent?
MailMyCustomer utilizes the third party email service MailGun for all types of the emails it sends.
How many emails MailMyCustomer can send per day?
As we are on private beta, you can send any number of emails. It's on us 😉.
How many email templates I can have in my account?
You can have any number of templates on your account.
Is there any limit on the number of subscribers I can have?
No, there's no such limit.
Can I send email from my custom domain?
Yes! you can. Check out the docs to know how it can be done.
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