MailMyCustomer is built to provide a simple solution to all emailing needs of a business. The idea for MailMyCustomer was born when I wanted to solve my own problem. I had built 2 products. Automatically, I wanted to email the customers whenever they subscribe, cancel the subscription or I process a refund.

I had to write a bunch of code to send emails and connect an API as a webhook to the payment processing service to achieve it. Even after all this, my emails had a good chance of ending up on the spam folder of the receiver.

With MailMyCustomer, that pain is eliminated, as you can automate the whole process in less than 2 minutes. You can also send emails as part of your marketing campaigns or newsletters.

As of now following features are planned to be implemented in the near future,

📅   Schedule marketing emails to send later.💡   Templates for Drag & Drop email editor.📤   Import email IDs from other platforms.🍔   Adding other payment processing services to automate transactional emails.

MailMyCustomer is a one man product. You can find me on Twitter, @vicke4.