Getting Started

Getting Started

Welcome to the MailMyCustomer documentation!

MailMyCustomer is built to simplify the process of sending transactional and marketing emails to your customers/subscribers.

Transactional emails

Transactional emails to your customers can be fully automated. For now, Stripe integration is supported.

MailMyCustomer integrates with your Stripe account and automatically triggers emails to your customers whenever a predefined set of events occurs.

For automatic email triggers, templates are created for product-plan-event combinations. Whenever the predefined event occurs, an email is sent to the customer responsible for that event.

For example, you can setup an email trigger for cancellation of subscriptions. On the email, you can politely ask the reason for the unsubscribing, provide discount, promise to fix the issues if any and possibly try to win the customer back.

You know you are just 2 steps away from sending your first automated transactional email. It will take not more than 2 minutes of your time.

  1. Adding your Stripe secret key to MailMyCustomer.

  2. Creating a template for a product-plan-event combination.

Marketing emails

Marketing emails can be triggered automatically from the dashboard or by calling an API. You can save templates from the dashboard and send it to any email just by calling the API. It's flexible.

MailMyCustomer is in its early stage. Following are the list of features you can expect in the near future.

📅   Schedule marketing emails to send later.💡   Templates for Drag & Drop email editor.📤   Import email IDs from other platforms.🍔   Adding other payment processing services to automate transactional emails.

I hope you enjoy using MailMyCustomer 😇.