Getting Started


In future, MailMyCustomer will support most of the payment processing services available. For now, it supports only Stripe integration.


In order to send automated emails, MailMyCustomer must consume the event JSON sent by the payment processing service. For that, either it dynamically creates and adds webhooks to the payment processing service or make use of the OAuth feature provided by the service when you create a template for a product-plan-event combination.


Stripe connect lets MailMyCustomer get read-only access to your Stripe account. MailMyCustomer only queries data from your Stripe account when required. It stores nothing other than your product and plan names & ids just to retrieve your delievery logs quickly and to decide what template to use for a specific trigger event.

You can revoke access to your Stripe account anytime from Authorised applications page of Stripe dashboard.

Open Integrations section of MailMyCustomer dashboard and click on Add one button, if you haven't integrated Stripe already.

On new integrations section of your dashboard, you'll see Connect with Stripe button. Upon clicking the button, you'll see a page where you can give access to MailMyCustomer to access your webhook data by selecting Connect my Stripe account. That's it MailMyCustomer will be able to consume the event JSONs sent by Stripe.

If you want to change the integrated Stripe account, you can go to Integrations section of the dashboard and click on the Stripe card displayed.

Events supported

Following 7 events are supported as of now,

  1. Subscription Created
  2. Subscription Cancelled
  3. Automatic subscription payment failed
  4. Subscription renewal in X days
  5. Trial period ends in 3 days
  6. Payment Received
  7. Refund Completed

Subscription renewal in X days

If the billing period is longer than 7 days, Stripe sends an automated event. You can configure how many days before the event has to be sent before the subscription renews on Stripe dashboard.