Getting Started


Templates define the subject & body of the email. You can create any number of email templates. MailMyCustomer comes with two different email editors.

  1. Drag & Drop Email editor
  2. HTML email editor

Drag & Drop Email editor

It's powered by It lets you create beautiful responsive email templates by dragging blocks in a canvas. You can save images within the template editor and reuse it across templates. Suitable for eye-catching HTML emails & newsletters.

HTML email editor

MailMyCustomer has powerful HTML template editor using which you can create HTML rich email templates. Mostly suitable for simple text only emails.

mailmycustomer html email template editor

Transactional email variables

You can use some dynamic variables to personalize the transactional emails sent by MailMyCustomer.


{{name}} - This is replaced by the name of the customer object, if available. Note that, it may not be available always. All events support this variable.

{{amountRefunded}} - Refund Completed event supports this variable. This variable is replaced by the amount refunded to the customer. It can either be full or partial refund. The format of this value is float. You have to manually enter the currency type in the template.

{{failReason}} - Automatic subscription payment failed event supports this variable. It is replaced by the reason passed by Stripe.